Lights Camera Action

Throw yourself in, start creating work and gaining experience is what I have identified as the most crucial factor of starting a career (which I suppose is fairly obvious). So I did just that, without intending to I must admit. I only managed to take a small step into the events industry but it was still a step in an engaging direction, which is a promising start.


I have just got back from London, where I helped out on Matthew Culmer’s debut comedy show as part of the Camden Fringe. I originally started working on this event as Matthew had asked me to help him by creating his poster for the show. I was nervous about this idea as poster generation isn’t my strongest skill and I wasn’t able to produce a brilliant outcome. However, for this particular project just a rough poster was needed to use as a visual when advertising the show on social media and get the main information across. Matthew and I discussed his initial ideas before I booked a photography studio to capture some shots of Matthew as photography was going to be an element. I really enjoyed completing the photo shot and felt my skills in the photo studio have developed over the last year so that I felt comfortable in this environment.


I then mocked up a design based on what Matthew had explained to me as his idea and we went from there, discussing ideas and I would work on bits to improve or come up with new ideas to show Matthew before collaboratively selecting one and refining it. This process is another that I think I am experienced at. I enjoy communication and I think I am good at discussing work, solving problems and improving ideas. However, I felt my technical skills of being able to create the poster were not as advanced and I struggled on this part. Despite this, I completed the poster and sent to Matthew to be used for promotional material, as well as a showcase square that was requested.



As I said, the work went on to be used on social media, as advertising. I naturally helped out where I could here, sharing the event and spreading the word physically to help online ticket sales. Matthew did most of this, although it was still interesting to see how one could advertise an event and also eye opening to see how hard it is to create a following and encourage people to come to an event. The opportunity then came up to go to London and work with Matthew on the three show nights, which I leapt at. My roles ended up extending to:

  • Selling tickets on the door
  • Checking individuals who had bought tickets online
  • Handling the cash (created a float)
  • Helping out solve any issues with the venue
  • Acting as sound technician during the performance
  • Tidying away after the show

Nothing was previously planned when I came to help out but one role led to another as the event went on and situations arose where I could help out. I found that I was fairly prepared due to previous experience with cash handling for example, problem solving when things went wrong and motivation before the event.


Although this experience was very swift I feel it has been valuable after having researched into event planning. I have had a very small glimpse into what it is like to help on events and learnt how there are opportunities around to get involved in. And if these opportunities can’t be found you can make your own. I hope to be able to have the initiative, the time management and the courage to do more of this as I go into the third year of my degree.


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